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Thursday, February 10, 2011


most beautiful place in the world

Anybody else want to escape to the mountains of Switzerland?!

The job search is super fun, let me tell you. So many options. So much time (ha!) 
I think my resume is sprinkled throughout every state. 
In every kind of health promotion, health coaching, fitness expert, fitness professional, health and wellness job imaginable.
Yes I have heard from a few (fingers crossed please!!!!). And from a lot-NADA. And from a few-a nice "no thanks."

Looks like I am overqualified for SO many jobs (thanks to my Master's degree) and under-qualified for some jobs (thanks to being in school for forever).....

Wouldn't you, as an employer, give me a chance? :) 

If you were me what would YOU do? And if you have been in my place, what DID you do?

As a side note, I did quit my job as a business/sales consultant because I was bored out of my eyeballs and not chasing my passion. I am a HUGE believer in living and working in your passion. I am praying mightily that my passion aligns with a great opportunity.....soon :) Oh and on the side we are sharing 100% certified pure essential oils with others (let me know if you want to try 'em out we have samples out the wazooo) as they have changed our lives (literally). Complete and total wellness?? Count me in!!! Plus I LOVE my job teaching fitness classes at 24 HOUR Fitness!!

If you know of anything in my field- let me know and I will send my resume their way ;)

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  1. I would hire you in a heart beat! People really dont know what they are missing out on when they say no thanks! Love ya girlie!