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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holiday weekend

I have been working like a maniac. My husband has been working like a maniac. Lucky for us there was a holiday weekend planned for right when we'd need a re-fueling done :)

Want to hear about it? I thought so.....

Friday: Drop off the husband at work, teach 1 fitness class, take 1 fitness class. Work on projects/work at home/other exciting stuff. Taught another fitness class. Pick up husband. Pack. Drive to Centerville. Load up with his family and drive to Bear Lake. Stay up WAY too late for my health (I like my sleep, thank you!)-but it was fun. Go to bed in a very cold cabin because the heater broke. I died. My husband cuddled up to me and actually kept me pretty warm :)

I love when men play with kids.....awwww
Saturday: Worked a booth at a fair promoting 100% certified PURE essential oils. Pure joy sharing natural health products with other people :) Drove to Logan with the fam. Attended a beautiful sealing for a cousin in the Logan temple. Ate Costa Vida at the luncheon. Drove to Bountiful. Took a nap. Played with the kiddos. Watched Robin Hood with the adults and munched on popcorn. Fell into bed--this time in a warm one. 

the family whose sealing we attended. Beautiful. The woman is Jared's cousin :)

Sunday: Church in Centerville for 3 hours. Leftovers for lunch. Read, hang out. Play with kiddos. Dinner party with the fam (happy birthday to Maren!) Presents. Cheesecake (I had ice cream b/c I loath cheesecake). Play games. Pack. Drive to Provo. Unpack. BED!!

WHEW. I think that was exactly the kind of vacation we were looking for ;) Anyone else love just escaping real life for 2-3 days, even if that escape involves a lot of running around, driving, parties, booth handling, and late nights? 
church!! Jared has a split lip. NO, I did not bite him ;)


  1. Sounds like a busy, busy, FUN weekend! And I'm so with ya on the cheesecake- gag.

    PS You are so pretty :)

  2. thank you very much you are the best ever had you are so sweet to me I now that you are busy are you doing samba with me after but I am busy today so we well do it at 8:00
    love Sara Bailey

  3. you are nice parson ever had you are very had we miss you very much you are the best ever had I love your pictures you
    are awesome
    Sara Bailey