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Friday, October 15, 2010

I heart my job

Can I just say how much I love what I do?! Because I do! Including my normal teaching responsibilities plus the subbing hours I picked up, I taught 11 (yes ELEVEN) fitness classes Mon-Thur (FOUR days). (this is both at BYU and at 24 Hr Fitness) Whew! I was sore this weekend because of this but wow, it is amazing how much my body really can do! I think too often we underestimate what our bodies (and minds for that matter) can do for us. DO you ever do this? Do you think you can't complete one more rep of a bicep curl? Or you can't study for one more exam? Or you can't change one more diaper? Or you can't clean one more dish or do one more load of laundry? Or you can't eat one more bite of spinach? (WHAT the?! I love spinach....just saying)

YOU. right now :)
I think we (me included!) could be more positive in the way we view tasks and completing difficult challenges. On Monday I looked at my schedule and thought, "wow, how am I going to do this all?!" But guess what, my body let me and I did it. Hopefully I motivated a few people along the way- not to mention allowed for the stress relief and endorphin boost during the workout I was teaching- and motivated myself. I (and YOU) really can do MUCH more than we are currently doing. Try to be more positive today. Tell yourself you're stronger than you think and you'll be amazed at what you can do :)

What are some of YOUR mantras that you tell yourself when you're struggling through a workout, dishes, cleaning, homework, etc?? I wanna HEAR em'!

On another note- My husband is working a shift tonight so I will be all alone... boo. SO good having him home this week, though! (positive affirmation there, see!)  K, have yourself a wonderful Friday!

p.s. Read a HI-larious post HERE written by my dear sis, Caroline. It'll make you laugh silly!


  1. Wow Annette! YOu did do a lot this week! And I feel motivated by your post! =) I can DO everything!!!!!

  2. I am so flattered that you put a link to my blog. =)I am amazed that you taught that many classes. Move to where I live so you can be my personal trainer. k?