living the fairytale

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

meet us in St. Louie, Louie

You could have met us there, because we were just in the StL. It was a long weekend never to be forgotten. You know why? Because we got to spend it with my three youngest siblings, as us (my husband and I) playing the parents. WHew! My parents are amazing and I am grateful for all they do, because that was HARD! But it was also really fun, too!

Some pics for your viewing pleasure:
us at the pumpkin patch

fishy faces!

We MADE it through the corn maze!

strike a funny pose, maybe?

why not spin standing up, eh?
right after this, he jumped off!

HAY ride!
my husband grew fangs. Yikes!

lunch time at the patch

Jared needed to try a Steak n Shake burger

in the van
carving pumpkins at home

Jared did a lot of carving...
he's carving some more-what a sweetie!
my pumpkin (well, Jared really is....)

Andrew made a Frankenstein complete with staples stapled in

Elisa drawing it on before the carving
yep, that's right

I adore this pic

with our completed masterpieces! They looked great
such cute siblings (but they are intense, let me assure you!) 

lookin' at animals with the kiddos
beautiful Sara
yep that's me!

don't they look so stoked to be there with us?!

she got all dressed up with her friend for a stake dance

she was so fun to hang out with this weekend
me with the bride!
before the rehearsal dinner

kinda frazzled and tired by the end of the trip...
he agrees....

All in all it was SO fun to be home and spend time with the munchkins and take in a really beautiful wedding of my friend from grade school! (yep, we've been friends since we were tots- around 3 years old!!) She was at my reception and I loved being at her traditional Jewish wedding- it was fabulous!

By the way, we celebrated with Caroline for her birthday and it was hilarious fun- love that gal! So we were lucky to be with her on her actual birthday. On Sunday, the night before we left, my parents came home and we gladly handed the reins back to them! They do a hecka whole lot around the Bailey home! Phew! They have some good kiddos, though. Sara, Andrew, and Elisa were super fun to be around and we didn't wreck the house too bad while the parentals were gone.... :)

Here's to a great weekend! We did decide, however, that we're grateful kids don't come out as infants in teenage stage maybe we'll have kids eventually :) haha.


  1. what a fun weekend! you guys packed it in! hopefully the snow will melt soon and we can enjoy a bit more fall time! love ya!

  2. Great pictures Annette!! I loved the one of your pekpek in the tire. I couldn't really see you, but I recognized your pekpek. =) You two rocked the pumpkin carving tradition! I wish we could have come to the patch with you. =) Andrew with the staple gun is a little scary, but hey- looks like everyone made it out of the weekend happy and safe! great job! =)

  3. Looks like you did a great job taking care of Andrew, Sara, and Elisa! The pumpkins looked awesome, so glad you guys helped carry on that tradition. And I agree with Lara, Andrew holding that staple gun is a tad scary! No casualties, right? :) Good job babysitting!

    Can't wait to see you soon!