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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sore and Alone

Doesn't the title of this post sound like a sad and hardcore workout song title??! I felt very inspired to write that because those two words describe me RIGHT now. Let me explain.

I am now a 24 Hr Fitness Instructor (insert exciting screams, yells, and whoops! here...), and with that comes some new responsibility...such as certain new trainings and updates to schedules. Explanation: 24 Hr Fitness has teamed with Les Mills to launch BodyPump at their gyms in the next little bit. (Ever heard of BodyPump? It is a hardcore endurance and strength training class. It is SUPER fun! See HERE for more info on the class) For our region, it launches mid-late November. Enter ME: Brand new instructor, overly excited, stoked to teach.

Enter BodyPump 3-DAY Training in UT.  That equals a combination of intense, HARDcore lifting, soreness that I've never experienced, sweat and heart rate levels I've never had before, fun friends made, tiredness and exhaustion to the max, stress and fun in the same minute, and some major major gains in terms of my teaching ability, fitness, strength, confidence, and athleticism. It was a 3-DAYS (yes 3 FULL days of lifting....I thought I wasn't going to be able to get up after our last set of push-ups today....oh wait, I didn't! HAHA. I laid there for a full 2 minutes before getting up for the wrap-up/review)

I am unbelievably sore yet super motivated to get this class going after the launch in November. I have all kinds of routines (lifting routines) to learn, but because the music is SO dang fun and motivating, I think I am going to be able to do this! As one of the songs says, "we need more hardcore"!! (Listen to the super great song here, I promise you'll push one minute harder on your workout while listening to it!)

As I am sure you get the picture, I am SORE, TIRED, and ALONE! Yes, my husband went hunting with friends for the weekend- Friday morning to Monday night. (Granted the only time I've been home all weekend has been from 9 pm to 10 am to sleep and get ready for the next day's training...but still!!) This is THE longest time we've been away from each other since being married, and the ONLY 3 nights we've ever slept away from each other during our marriage- it is NO fun! Miss that man of mine! Oh and GUESS what happened a YEAR ago today? ...... I was hit by a kid on my and Jared's FIRST bike ride together. I got a nasty black eye:
Look at the BLACK eye- nasty! Just one year ago!
Luckily for us that black eye helped show me how caring and kind Jared was (instead of this intense red-head mountain-biker) because he got a chance to take care of me. And did so SO well! He even watched Legally Blonde with me that night.....AWWWW :) Love my Jared!

I guess I could have gotten another black eye this weekend with all those weights we were throwing around....Seriously, Supersets of HARDcore weight AFTER sprinting and doing a milliongazillion Burbees?!! really?! (our trainer even told us after she had never given so much weight to trainees... lucky us, right?!) I did realize through this all, however, that I absolutely LOVE BodyPump, that members are going to LOVE BodyPump, that people WILL see changes by taking the class, and that you are really STRONGER than you think you are. I proved that this weekend, OH yah! :) Questions? Just post a comment! I'm off to get some well-deserved sleep (in my lonely bed, lame...)- G-Night!


  1. Is body pump going to be only at 24 or will it be like everywhere? You are too cute Annette!

  2. Wow! That training sounds intense! I love the body pump class but it is only 1 hour long...not 3 days! Hang in there hun! You'll do great!

  3. And now it is the other side of that weekend! Good Job Annette!!!

  4. i just found your blog since you posted the address on facebook. so cute! i had to comment on this post because i LOVE bodypump!! i have been doing it for a couple of months and i think it is the greatest (and kicks my butt at the same time). i saw a post o facebook between you and trina talbot a little while back and meant to ask how you know her. is it some 24 hour fitness connection (even though she lives in CA)?!! she rocks! ok, this is a long comment ;)