living the fairytale

Friday, October 1, 2010

one of our favorite weekends

Yes, that is right, General Conference is HERE tomorrow! We're so excited to watch and hear what the Lord wants us to hear. I love how in Utah you can watch it on TV, listen to it on the Radio (how cool is that?!), and even stream it on the Internet. We are so lucky!

We'll be at his parent's house for most of Saturday and all of Sunday listening to the wise guys (and women!), spending time with fam, and enjoying the relaxing weekend. We'll get to kick the weekend off with a good ole' BYU football game tonight-Go Cougs!

Oh and to sweeten your weekend up, watch this clip (it had me laughing and crying within the 2 minutes of the video! love it):

Continue in Patience

Have a GREAT weekend- can't wait to hear what you liked about Conference. What are some of your Conference traditions? I love waking up late on Sunday and wearing my PJs as I watch. We usually have a yummy breakfast near the time of the 1st session starting. WHAT about you??


  1. oh yes, our favorite weekend too! I look forward to it every 6 months, need it and feel so rejuvenated after!

  2. we love staying in our pjs too...although sometimes i like to go on a jog or something so i stay awake better. its fun to have good snacks. we love having a girls party during priesthood! enjoy!

  3. It's always a wonderful weekend. We usually do a special breakfast on Sunday morning too. What breakfast are you guys doing this year?