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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

people watching/meeting

We loved the responses from your ideas of fun during Conference time--some sound yummy, sweet, and very relaxing! Those words described our weekend perfectly. We started the weekend off with a football game, some spaghetti squash dinner (yum!), and gym time. Saturday and Sunday we watched amazing talks, were uplifted and inspired, and had a lot of fun with family. What were some of your favorite talks?? Oh, we ate crepes after Priesthood, had french toast for Sunday breakfast, and lasagna (veggie for me!) for Sunday dinner (the first two are traditions at the Perkins' house). Not to mention great times, laughter, and hilarious little kids!

yummy spaghetti squash!
dinner on Friday night

Monday night found us in the car (see photos above of silliness during the drive), on our way to a wedding reception at Sundance Resort. Guess who we met and saw??? We both love people watching, by the way--you learn so much about other people and their funny quirks. I bet me and my husband are hilarious to watch. But I digress..... we saw/met: Donny Osmond (his son was the groom), BRIAN REGAN (the hilarious comedian), and the woman who played Emma in the Joseph Smith movie (her sister was the bride). WOW. We were starstruck and of course made our way over to Brian (Regan) and the father of the groom (Donny Osmond). They were both super nice and really friendly. And, Brian Regan's voice was....well, Brian Regan! It was really him! Kinda crazy but fun for us because we like his good, clean humor.

See here for a hilarious bit by the man we just met : Brian Regan clip

The rest of the reception was fun, in case you cared. As an update, we are loving the Fall weather (finally!), are excited about life, and loving being married.  Starting next week I will be teaching fitness classes at 24 Hour Fitness! :) (insert way excited voice here!!) We're grateful for new experiences, yah?? Are you ever nervous about something new but so excited for it all at the same time?!! Oh and more gratefulness:  I am grateful that Jared asked me out for our first date ONE year ago today! And glad I had the rule to always say yes to a first date :) love this man o' mine!


  1. So Donny Osmonds son just married Emma Smith's sister?? wow.... And how did you know either of them?! =)

  2. Jared was friends with the bride at a place he lived before he met me. Crazy, I know! :)