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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's HER birthday, TODAY!

always a great sense of humor

Who you ask, is HER???? Let me tell you.....

the one

the ONLY


My wonderful, hilarious, studious, gorgeous, sweet, little SIS!

Dear Caroline,
We are SO glad you were born ___ years ago TODAY! (I'll let others find out how old you are....because let's be honest, you're only 2 years younger than me). 
There are ways to describe our relationship, but let me just highlight some issues/joys we've had in our past- MOST, I must say, are quite entertaining....let the FUN begin:

1. I remember when they brought you home from the hospital.....okay, okay, I am kidding. I don't. But I am sure it was joyous- you were numero 5! 
2. I remember playing endless hours of Barbies with ya--you always let me get the good Barbies because I was bossy (was, not am :) )
3. American Dolls. enough said.
4. OUr lovely fights chats every single day
5. biting, hitting, hugging, crying, laughing--words used to describe our quite violent yet hilariously easy childhood
6. Remember how I threw a yellow bowl at your head? I can't believe you don't introduce me to people as the sister who split open your forehead with a cherished bowl (and dangit, the bowl BROKE. who would have thunk?!)
7. Yah, and how easy Caroline forgave me? Quite. Seriously, she never brings it up. I feel bad every time someone mentions it. 
8. Swimteam = intense workouts = tan (our fav back then)
9. Jazz class and recitals....Caroline's epic dance costume fail. WOW, the memories
10. Early morning rides to Seminary and our epic hot tea/oatmeal breakfasts.
the hot birthday girl is on the right
11. Varsity Field Hockey (Caroline was dang good at it too!)
12. Your support of my dancing (even though you hated Ballet) and still don't mind a good shakin' on the dance floor :)
13. You still love to dance, even if it is in a Zumba Gold class :) (we LOVED stake dances together. Everyone would just stare at our craziness and we LOVED it!)
14. You can run miles and miles and miles and you still smile!
15. Your hilarious letters and emails to me while I was on my mission- Caroline was so good at keeping me up on the gossip (i.e. who's marrying who, who's going where on missions, etc.)
16. Being the first to know Caroline got engaged. I pride myself on this piece of knowledge. Whahahaha
17. Living with Caroline for a whole semester. We heart the gym! and Magelby's choc cake. and late night chats in my bed. 
18. Caroline's beautiful wedding to the man of her dreams. I got to be her Maid of Honor and boy was I honored! I adore Caroline! Love ya girl!
19. running a freakin MARATHON with this lady. Yep, we did it. We ran together the ENTIRE way. 26. 2 miles. TOgether. She's hardcore- and a trooper!
we DID it! 26. 2 miles TOGETHA!
20. Remember the road trip back to Provo from the Marathon and our special 'Sunday' secret?? :)
21. Caroline's diligence in the family yearbooks. Those books are AH-mazing! Even though her emails were always so timely.... j/k
22. Caroline is a great phone talker- she actually listens to my stories, comments, and then proceeds to tell hilarious jokes and incidents. SHe is FUNNY.
23. Caroline's hardworking/ kick-butt attitude in tackling Nursing school in just ONE year. Yep, she's AH-mazing!
24. And lastly, remember how it is YOUR BIRTHDAY today, Caroline?!! Cause' it is!

HERE is to a fabulous BIRTHDAY, Caroline!

(p.s. she is studying/doing school ALL day for her birthday, and is without a husband-so send her some birthday shoutouts her way)

LOVE your guts Caroline! I am SO glad you were born right below me, because I don't think I could have gone after you, following in your magical and beautiful footsteps.

Happy Birthday to the best-right-under-me-in-age Sister EVER!
your older sis, Annette

 a smattering of pictures follows-- of Caroline's special, hilarious, great, wonderful, and beautiful life! cheers to many more years to come, CAH-line!

a few weeks before her marriage to Jason
did I mention Caroline has a great sense of humor?

i have gorgeous sistas!

hello beautiful bride!!

baking fail? or eating too many cookies??!

one of my personal favs...

greatest SISTA shot ever! love these ladies OH so much


she's such a good auntie!

we're skiing together in ALASKA

she JUST ran a marathon. YOU go girl!

VEGAS style. heck yes!

we like playing on slides and doing photo shoots, ya know
Kronk and Ezma for Halloween 

she made all us sisters a book of pictures. SO sweet- I cried


special day for me (Awww) and this couple is smokin'!

did I mention love for dance parties??!

absolutely STUNNING : the birthday gal, CAROLINE
love YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caroline!!!! love, Annette P.


  1. so cute. I see shumway ice skating party pics in the mix....

  2. Happy Birthday Caroline is right!!!! Wow Annette, you found lots of great pictures of Caroline!!!!! We are so lucky to be her sisters... loved your list of memories =)

  3. thanks Annette for such a sweet post!!!! I feel so blessed to be your little sister. I love you!

  4. Allow me to chime in too, Caroline rocks!! Great post :)