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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a date with two men...

So you know how every couple has their IT place? Ya know, their GO-TO restaurant? For some it is a Chinese eatery, others a Mexican joint, and for still others it is an Italian wine-dine place.  Well for the hubby and me it all comes down to these two (well maybe three including the apostrophe).  
Jason's Deli.   
guess where we went after dinner??? remember, I am married to a techy-lover...

Yep, it is our special place. We ate there during our early stages of dating (the night before our triathlon BEFORE we were technically dating), during serious hunger pains (on the way to an event in SLC), with other friends (on a double w/ Rebecca and Coach), and most important, on the night we got engaged (Feb 12. 2010). 

Jason's Deli is AH-mazing! It boasts very healthy eats such as soups, whole-grain bread sandwiches, and their famous Salad BAR. I for one will not miss out on a great salad bar! And this one puts the rest of em' (salad bars that is) to shame.  Another amazing thing is that they serve free soft-serve ice cream. Yep, that is right, you can get as much soft-serve as your heart desires! 
enjoying some soft-serve after a delicious meal of sandwiches and salads

It was a delightful Tuesday evening date with my man (love the guy). Gotta hand it to Jason, though, he really does serve up a mean (and delicious and HEALTHY) meal :)


  1. You got engaged on my wedding night! Was it before or after you came to my reception? I love that I was in a very small way a part of your day as you were a special part of mine! Love ya both!

  2. I love the deli's name but I may be a little biased.
    Endless soft serve? sign me up!

  3. Looks like a fun date!!!

    So which man was your date, Jared or Jason??

    Haha :)

    love you!