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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to a special woman.....LARA!

I have an amazing sister. (actually I have 5 but a certain one of those 5 has a birthday TODAY!) Miss Lara!!! Happy birthday girl! I adore this sister of mine for many reasons and thus will name a few as a shout-out to her on her special day.

1. Lara is an amazing people person. She can relate to anyone. and I mean ANYone!
2. Lara is super fun to be with because she is so happy and so positive. See below picture for proof...
B-day gal on the right-strike a POSE!

hello FUN sister!!! She knows how to have a good time
she was prob the best sister missionary the church ever saw
3. I love talking to Lara because she cares. Plus, she is an amazing multitasker.
4. Lara is THE best listener EVER. You could talk her ear off and she wouldn't care. Don't worry, I've tried.
5. Lara was one of my inspirations for serving a mission. Loved that she totally rocked it. Loved her personal letters to me while she was gone. and LOVED that she taught at the mTC. (yes I followed her footsteps in many MANY things)
6. Lara is a wonderful mom to her two boys. They simply adore her and you can tell.
7. Lara is SO fun to be around. She does not judge and she is always happy.
8. Lara is a good baker- seriously, she can make a mean carmelita.
9. Lara is the bestest best friend because she makes time for you.
who wouldn't want these silly doctors for their own??
10. and last of this list, Lara is a great confidant and secret-keeper. You can trust her to listen and not spread it around.

I love you LARA, wala, big sister, amazing friend, and BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!! Have a great day being treated as a queen. And in reference to Caroline's post, I too wish I could be there for your day.... Anna will just have to channel the rest of us sister's presence.... love you birthday girl LARA!


  1. WOW you have been one busy BLOGGER!!!! I had to play catch-up! And yes, Lara is wonderful for all of those reasons and many more! Happy birthday Lara!!!!!

  2. Thank you Annette!!! That was really fun to read! And I don't know if I really measure up to all you said, but it was nice of you to say. =) sweet pictures too Annette! =) Thank you so much! love you!