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Monday, September 6, 2010

a very merry weekend story

Jared and I sure do love the weekends! They are usually more laid-back and full of random adventures plus there are less scheduled events/appointments on Saturdays/Sundays (besides church of course). Add to that phenomena an extra day of fun and you've got extra laid-backness :)

Friday evening Jared and I found ourselves in Midway at the Swiss Festival. I was super stoked to go because of my mother being Swiss and all, not to mention my love for all things Swiss. Well, we got there and it was quite the sight of booths, tents, food, activities, and people. However, it was not very Swiss-y at all. Like NADA. Yes there were Swiss flags everywhere and a few German words here and there, but all in all the booths there and the crafts being sold were FAR from being Swiss, German, or even European! It was all so very American. The crafts and paintings and beauties being sold were all very creative, colorful, and artsy, but I was sorely disappointed that they were in no way Swiss :( We did find a few Swiss looking things.....
me and my hubby at the "Hammock Haus"
Pretty American SWISS looking booth (hey, they tried!)
me with a wonderful best friend, Laura (We served missions together in Germany/Austria)
there is a German word! YAH!
AH-mazing candles. WOW. I adore candles and I wanted to buy them all
love this man! LOVE that a Swiss flag is behind us too :)
So, after looking around and meeting up with my best friend, Laura (from my LDS mission to Germany and Austria) and her fam, we did one more lookaround and found this amazing candle place. The picture above is a sample of some of the gorgeous candles they made. They even showed us how! What talent some artists have! Even though it wasn't necessarily Swiss persay, I did enjoy the varying talents on display at the festival.  I guess they just wanted to call it Swissdays because so many people from Midway originated from Switzerland? I was just baffled, but pleasantly pleased with the crafts.  The most unfortunate part, you ask? NO Swiss chocolate for sale! :( Guess I'll have to raid my parents' house when I go visit. haha.

On Saturday my saint husband took little bro' Jacob to buy skis at a sale while I hit up the gym. They were successful (sort of) which made Jacob very pleased :) We spent the rest of the weekend in Centerville at Jared's parents' and with Jared's best friend and his wife and kids.  We witnessed the beautiful blessing of our nephew on Sunday. All weekend we had a blast playing games, chatted, did Zumba, and Jared and his friend went and shot guns. We're back home now after a Labor day meal at Jared's sisters' home. I realized again how much I love grilled chicken. It hits the spot every time, YUM! I did not have my camera out for the rest of the weekend (I guess I need to be better??), but I and Jared did participate in the above activities and enjoyed them thoroughly (prob that's why we didn't stop to take pics).  We're ready for another (short) week to begin tomorrow! Peace.

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