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Saturday, September 11, 2010


yes, that is a beautiful bowl of Creamery ice cream (mine shown, his is not)
I seriously love dates with my man! Even more so, I love good, clean dates that involve fun entertainment and maybe free food too.  SO, last night turned out to be the best of all those worlds! We got an invite from a friend for a dinner/music fest on the fields near campus as a celebration for a certain school club's opening social. It included free food (J-Dawgs--hubby likey, me nolikey- and Creamery ice cream--hubby sortoflikey, me likey), a great live band, and some fun games on the field.
it was a gorgeous evening
My little bro called and asked what I was up to.....he heard live music in the background and asked if I was at a certain club's social? I affirmed and he said the unthinkable...."I was just there!" SAD! I didn't even SEE my little bro at the social! I felt way bad about that and hopes my mom forgives me....In our defense, however, little bro was playing ultimate frisbee on a far-off field; so far the people looked like Legos men. He didn't seem as distraught as me that we had been at the same social event and didn't even see or acknowledge each other's presence. Typical boy, yah?

Off to the second part of our date..... Humor U's best-of show on campus. We laughed ourselves silly. My cheeks hurt SO bad at the end of the evening. We even got a picture with the oh-so-famous Stephen Jones (BYU student and star of BYU's rendition of NewSpice on YouTube).
with the hilarious Stephen and my good-lookin' man
Once again, being out with the husband was so magical and super fun. Not going to lie, I love me a bit of humor, especially good, clean humor, with a side of husband :)

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  1. 1) we love the blog.
    2) I (annalise) was reading the blog and sister guessed it was yours based on the colors.
    3) you guys are so cute.

    love the Shums.