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Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend bliss

Weekends are enjoyable with my husband because we always find something fun to do, even if it is random and/or spontaneous, we get to do it together (cheesy, I know, but if you had Jared, you'd understand!)

in the car.....I need to aim better..
that's better, need the hubby in it
Saturday we found ourselves after our workouts perusing the local Farmer's Market at a nearby park. I love love homemade things such as jewelry, pottery, tablecloths, soaps, lip wax, lotion, etc. Not to mention the delicious home-grown veggies, fruits, and honeys. I was in heaven. Unfortunately we had no pictures together in front of the booths (hence the car photos), but here is one of my husband with a huge tie
they call this the 'honeymoon tie' for the woman to wear.... ;)

my man is HOT, I know
wearing 4 in heels...haven't worn em' since HS
That evening we had adult session of Stake Conferance. Loved it. So much! It is fun to be among the married now (no offense, but it makes it that much better to have a man on your arm...well, or stroking your arm. haha) We had an awesome couple over that evening for games and a night of fun. SO much fun that we stayed up until 1:00 a.m. YIKES! Those of you who know me know that I never slide into bed after 11:00 p.m.... I was one tired gal Sunday morning (but it was way worth it, b/c we have new friends!) Loved the speakers on Sunday and loved our nap that afternoon also. The new week has just begun and we're excited about it- hope you are too!

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