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Saturday, September 11, 2010

shootin' the rocks up high

Thursday I was beat, physically and mentally (teaching classes is sometimes hard!) . So my sweet husband surprised me with a short, beautiful, and fun getaway. Where, you ask? Up Provo canyon into the beautiful mountains we hiked.

I still had NO idea what/where we were doing/going, until he proceeded to take out a weird arm sling-looking thing.....a Wrist Rocket! What the?!! He showed me how to strap it on, stick rocks in it, and successfully sling shot the rocks into the air. WOW. It was something I've never seen and I surprised myself by loving it!

I shot some bottles, cans, and other items he brought, off of their spot on a rock! My husband was even more impressive with his aim and the power of his shot. But seriously, WAY to go us! This experience reminded me that I can do anything, especially when there is some muscle, rocks, and a cool contraption involved :) Thanks to a great husband with awesome ideas, it was a beautiful evening with the hubby!

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